Privacy Policy

DIGITALIO, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") hereby stipulates as stated below a privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") for handling user information that includes personal information about the user in the service Mirmir (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") as provided by the Company. The Company has also stipulated a company privacy policy, so please also check that for information about the handling of personal information.

User information that will be collected, and the method of collection

In the Policy, “user information” means information related to the identification of the user, action history with regard to communication services, and other information that is generated or accumulated in relation to the user or the user’s terminal on a terminal, such as the user’s smartphone or computer, and that will be collected by the Company based on the Policy. The user information that the Company will collect in the Service will be as stated below in accordance with that collection method.

  1. Information that the user enters in the input form stipulated by the Company
  2. Information that the Company collects through the user’s use of the Service
    • Information related to the OS
    • IP address
    • Terminal information
    • Log information
    • Cookies and anonymous ID

Purposes of use

  1. User information will be used for provision of the Service as stipulated in 2-2 and may also be used for other purposes as stipulated in 2-3.
  2. The specific purposes of use of user information related to service provision for the Service will be as stated below.
    1. For receiving registration related to the Service, personal identification, and provision, maintenance, protection, and improvement of the Service
    2. For providing information related to the Service and campaigns that are suited to the customer, and handling inquiries
    3. For handling actions that violate the Company’s terms and policies (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) in relation to the Service
    4. For notification of changes of the Terms related to the Service
    5. For purposes of use that are incidental to the purposes of use stated above
  3. Purposes of use other than those of 2-2 above will be as stated below.
    Purposes of use Items of user information that will be handled
    In order to, in relation to the Company’s services, create statistical data that has been processed into a form in which it is not possible to identify individuals Terminal information
    Log information
    Cookies and anonymous ID
    For delivery or display of advertisements by the Company or a third party Terminal information
    Log information
    Cookies and anonymous ID

Targeting advertisements

For delivery of action-targeting advertisements through the Service, some action-targeting services provided by third-party companies are used. In some cases of action-targeting services by third-party companies, association is made with cookies on the Service and action history information is collected, accumulated, and used in order to deliver to users the advertisements that are best suited to user needs with regard to the Service and third-party companies affiliated sites.

For details about third-party companies’ use of action history information, please refer to the following: If you do not want delivery of action-targeting advertisements that use cookies, it is possible to stop acquisition and accumulation of action history information by completing the opt-out procedures on the opt-out page.

Provision to third parties

Except in cases in which disclosure is allowed based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or another law or ordinance, the Company will not provide user information that is personal information to third parties without obtaining the user’s agreement in advance. Provided, however, that this will not apply in the cases stated below.

  1. A case in which the Company will consign all or a portion of handling of personal information within the scope that is necessary in order to accomplish the purposes of use
  2. A case in which personal information will be provided in association with succession of work due to a merger or other reason
  3. A case in which it is necessary to cooperate with the performance of clerical work stipulated in a law or ordinance that will be conducted by a national government organization, a local government, or a party that has been consigned by a national government organization or a local government, and there is a possibility that obtaining the user’s agreement will hinder performance of that work
  4. Other cases that are allowed under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws or ordinances

Office for inquiries

If you would like to provide an opinion, ask a question, submit a complaint, or make another type of inquiry related to handling of user information, please send an e-mail to the address below. Please understand in advance that we cannot handle inquiries that are made by a method other than e-mail, such as inquiries made by directly visiting the Company or making a telephone call.

Contact information for making inquiries:

Procedures for changing the privacy policy

The Company may, as appropriate, reconsider the state of operation related to handling of user information, strive to regularly make improvements, and change the Policy as necessary. We request that users regularly check the privacy policy. Provided, however, that in the case of a change of content that requires the user’s agreement based on a law or ordinance, the user’s agreement will be obtained by the Company’s prescribed method.

  1. Formulated on August 28, 2018
  2. Revision: February 21, 2022