About Mimir

Provide knowledge to people all over the world

Compiling the dictionary requires time and cost, and, above all, advanced know-how. If you look around the world, you may be compiled and provided as a national policy or by a private company. However, for a variety of reasons none of them are done, and some countries do not have a native language dictionary.
The right to learn knowledge and the right to receive education, under all circumstances, all people hold equally.

Knowledge is a possibility, it is what makes people grow.
From economic reasons and language problems, "Mimir" was born for the purpose of offering a place to those who are away from the opportunity of knowledge acquisition.

The knowledge of all things is possible.

-- Leonardo da Vinci


The Service is an experimental project that has been optimized for various languages by machine translation for the world’s important encyclopedias and databases after receiving authorization from each publishing company. A lot of the pre-translated information has been published or provided for Japan, and there is a possibility that there are mistranslations due to such machine translation.


We created a logo with motifs of papyrus, the origin of paper as an output tool of knowledge, while imagining how many people flapping towards various possibilities.
By using this service, we hope that many people will be able to fly with the wings of possibility.